Savoring the Season


It’s sobering of course, to realize that we are almost at the end of another growing season in New Jersey.  This year seems to have been particularly good for fruits especially the tomato which is considered to be the Mother-of-all-fruits in our state.   But this time I went a little off my regular path because I often get to the market late and have to grab whatever is left over.  I got lucky last week though when I pick up two containers of plums that were dark purple, firm and plump.  Yeah–that will do it, I thought and I forked over my six dollars.

I made a sweet pastry on Saturday afternoon and tucked in the refrigerator to chill.  I love doing this because I know it’s easier to work ahead especially when you only have one oven. On Sunday afternoon however, my husband had his own ideas about the oven. . .to slow cook ribs all afternoon long.   Good-bye to my pie dreams!  The pastry was on one shelf and the plums on another and they would not be united into a masterpiece of flaky pastry and plump Summer fruits.  How could this happen?

Monday.  My husband kisses me and heads off to work.  I open one eye as I hear the alarm go on.   Then I pull back the covers rush to do morning routines and then straight to the refrigerator.   I only had time for a few sips of coffee before I started to roll out my dough…it was nice and cold.   I peeled off the skins to the plums and macerated them in a little white sugar and lemon juice.   Then I split them in half and boiled them in a sugar-water bath with some cinnamon sticks and mixed berry jam.    I tossed in some fresh blackberries toward the end.   My eyes knew exactly how this would taste.

I am so thankful for having people committed to farming.   Somehow it forces us to comply with the simplicities of life.   The good stuff comes and goes and you have to appreciate it when you have it at your fingertips.  You have to savor every flavor, every moment, every season.  After a great dinner, I cleared the table and cut into the plum pie.  One large slice was just enough to make you know you want more. “Mmm…this is so delicious,” my husband said, “we should have had this yesterday.”

NJ Farmers markets will run until early November.  Remember to eat locally and Savor every season of your life.

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