Food Stories

Note to Self on Writing About Food

Food writing is not for the meek, befuddled, or the self-absorbed.  It’s for those who can cook up a feast from a few simple ingredients: effective words, good grammar and, organized thoughts–mis en place.    Combine these with a mouth-watering idea and create a masterpiece sans pareil.

The command of proper grammar is a major ingredient–word usage, its salt.    A hard copy of a thesaurus is a great tool, or the internet version works just as good.  Some of those great adjectives learned in high school can finally be rediscovered.  Put them to use, if they fit.

In order to develop a strong, flavorful story, it must be reduced multiple times without mercy.   Use one color highlight for sentences that should be omitted and another for those that just need reworking.   With a watchful eye, monitor word count.  Too many unnecessary words leave the reader wondering about the point being made.

Now let the story rest:  Walk away from the draft version for at least 12 hours, gain perspective then come back to edit again—without ego.    Show no favoritism for words or, sentences that do not support the main idea.   These will only produce a story with no distinctive taste.

Respect the reader’s need to be full and satisfied but always leave them wanting more.  Bon appétit!

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